NEM, Lisbon

Today we are travelling to Portugal. NEM is a project by Rita and Daniela. The result is a responsible fashion brand based upon versatility and details.

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Creators: Ana Rita Velhinho and Daniela da Silva Figueiredo

Location: Lisbon (Portugal)

Responsible fashion

“We believe fashion can be responsible, aligned with ethics and sustainability values without forgoing style and personality!”

Rita and Daniela have been friends for years, now they have decided to go a step forward and become business partners. Their interest in sustainability united with their passion for fashion results in the creation of NEM - a brand which its aim is to empower and inspire women with a stylish alternative to fast fashion.



We want to know more about NEM. How would you define your brand? What is its main goal?

NEM was created as a response to the “drama” we currently see in the fashion industry. We want to be a responsible alternative to fast fashion that is still appealing to consumers, that makes you feel feminine and sexy all while respecting the environment and the people involved in creating each piece.

We would like to point out we absolutely love the way you approach production - avoiding overproduction, using deadstock… Please tell us - and especially our readers - more about it!

This idea came about after reading more on the behind the scenes of the fashion world, all the untapped potential that was just sitting on warehouses! We thought we had to do something about it!!!

We don’t want to add to the problem by having a base stock just waiting around, so each piece is made to order, which allows us to be very flexible with production and adaptable to each consumer’s needs: small changes as seams or strap lengths can make all the difference on how something fits and looks on you.

In the end, you buy something that was made thinking of you, with great care and skills, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to create a brand focused on an ethical philosophy or values similar to yours?

Having gone through it with one of my best friends, I would say the base is support, time to do the correct research and a great dose of commitment and resilience. This is not the easy way of doing things, you will have some resistance on the consumer side (even some friends and family), but if you're ready to defend your position and educate them, you are ready to take on the world!

Your last collection is called KAIROS. Where does it come from, what was the idea behind it? And where do you get your inspiration?

Kairos is a greek word that means “the right moment for change” and that’s exactly what our brand hopes to inspire! Change in the fashion industry and change the way people shop for clothing.

Our collection was designed with the same motto - a change in the usual process.

First we find fabrics we fall in love with, having a general idea of what we hope to create and only then we create each piece from what the fabric tells us. There’s always a bit of back and forth, many fittings, but in the end we always come up with something we absolutely love.

How do you see the Fashion Industry in the near future? How much do you believe fashion will change in the next 5 to 10 years? Or not at all?

We have seen a change in the last few years on how the big industry players present their clothing and campaigns. Some of it may be considered greenwashing, but we see it as a first step in the right direction. It’s not an easy change, but it is happening. We are moving towards a more responsible industry that is being held accountable for its actions by a more informed consumer.

We don’t believe fast fashion should end, as it serves a very useful purpose - bringing fashion to the ones that can’t afford high end designers, but we do believe that it should be regulated from its production and sourcing to how they sell it to the end consumer.



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