Today we want to present you MORALIS, the genderless sustainable brand created by Inês and Maria. It is a tribute to corals and their lives :)

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Creators: Inês and Maria

Location: Lisbon (Portugal)

Sustainable and Genderless Ready to Wear

“We are one”

Moralis was actually our final bachelor’s project. We always got along very well and we were like: why not?

The beginning was really difficult for us as it is with all beginnings in life: with all the questions in our minds, all the doubts that came along, the logistics we needed to figure out. The beginning was really the most difficult phase of our whole project.

We actually see Moralis just like this one project that resulted in one collection. For now we don’t have future plans in mind. Our main goal was always to make this project a collaboration with a lot more artists, that like us, are growing as we were and still are. We didn’t want Moralis to be just ours, but to be of any artist that would want to join us. We really believe that artists need to support other artists — always. And people need to be more supportive of one and another, in general.



What does the name MORALIS mean? Where does it come from? What is the main inspiration for your collection?

In a nutshell moralis is death and coral put together in latin. That’s what we wanted to portray: the degradation of corals’ lives — that still is considered one problem that we really don't pay enough attention to and that affects, really, all of us.

How is the creative process for creating a brand? Do the two of you design and make all decisions? How do you agree?

This is actually funny. We are really different so we needed to find a common ground to work. The two of us did all the creative process together and we finished our pieces together too. It was always a process of two and we embraced that. Every decision we had to make was always firstly discussed between the two of us. Sometimes, one or another needed to compromise but I think everything worked out well.

Like we were saying before, the beginning was the most difficult phase for us because we had so many choices and so many things to think, that sometimes that made the process harder. But first of all we did this moodboard of inspiration (textures, colors,…) and textiles manipulations that we wanted to bring to this collection. Then we started to just draw having that moodboard in mind (and this was what it took the longest) — in this process we needed to let some things out and bring new ones — and then we just made a decision: decided our looks and started to make our clothes. We really had our hands in the whole process.

What are the pros and cons of creating genderless garments?

Maria gave the idea of creating a genderless collection and it made sense because of what we were trying to say with moralis: “We are one”. But it was really difficult to make clothes for both women and men knowing that, obviously, men and women have different bodies and even between just women, women have different bodies amongst them. So it was really challenging to find pieces that would feel good on both of them, for sure.

What does art mean to you? What role does it play in your collection?

Art is really everything, isn’t it? Everything we create, everything we touch.

With Moralis we really wanted to make this project, as we said earlier, to not just be a project of ours but a project of every artist that would want to join us as well. We invited a lot of them to bring their work into ours: Teresa, a ceramic artist, made our ceramic buttons; Inês, a photographer, shooted our editorial; Carolina helped us with make-up.

We wanted to really help other artists and make our collection not only about us and corals, obviously, but about everyone that would want to make part of our collection in some way. We already worked with young music artists, with an accessory designer, with rising young models. And we would love to work with so much more.

Where can we buy your clothes? We have fallen in love with every single garment!

We don’t have a website but if anyone wants to have our clothes in their closets, you just need to send us a message through Instagram or e-mail. And if anyone has a project that sees our collection in it, we would love to make part of that and we would love to hear from you!

How do you see the Fashion Industry in the near future? How much you believe fashion will change in the next 5 to 10 years? Or not at all?

If the fashion industry doesn’t change, our future won’t be good and we will have to live with the consequences that, sooner or later, are going to be irreversible. It really needs to change.

People don’t know - or don’t want to know - but it affects millions and we actually would say that affects all of us. We all wear clothes; it’s our second skin. Sustainability is really the way we need to go. That’s out of question. We would love to see our industry in a better place, in communion with our planet. It needs to, for all our sakes.



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