ACUAMONA, Lithuania

Acuamona is an Artistic Project created by Acuarela and Simona. It is the result of the mix between the art and culture of these two extraordinary women, one from Dominican Republic and the latter from Lithuania. It creates a really feminine and artistic background, where the dress to impress is a must and an everyday-life basis.

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Creator: Acuarela Beard & Simona Griciute

Localization: Lithuania

Clothing line

“Slow and conscious fashion brand.”

"It all started in the beautiful city of Florence (Italy). We met while we were studying fashion, and we decided to join forces to express our creativity while creating something from scratch, something that would reflect the bright energy we generated when being together. Acuamona is more than a clothing brand for us, it is an artistic project which its aim is to create a social business, enhancing a both local, economic and intellectual growth that benefits us all. Acuamona means teamwork, the result of joining two creative directors that are very different in character, culture and preferences. The pieces result to be the perfect combination of our different yet harmonious points of view."



How would you define your brand, what do you want to transmit? How do you see your client, what does she like to do?

We create pieces made to be seen: feathers, sequins, silks and bright colours. The Acuamona woman is active and hard-working, dreamer and creative. She’s not afraid of following her dreams and working hard to accomplish them. She’s environmentally aware and fights for social justice, always elegantly dressed with a touch of fun and colour.

You come from really different backgrounds, one from Dominican Republic, the other from Lithuania… You’ve also lived in different countries through the globe – how do you think this has affected your way of creating, of seeing fashion?

The fact that we come from so different backgrounds was one of the first reasons to wanting to create something together. We believe that our essence as human beings is very similar, and the influence of our backgrounds when developing our personality and likings is in fact one of the most interesting things for both us as individuals and for our brand. The union between so different yet harmonious points of view allows us to create original and genuine garments.

Tell us about the custom orders. We personally find it very difficult to find a custom-made brand, nowadays it can be much easier to create a chain-produced brand, with its S-M-L sizes and limited number of styles. What are the pros and cons of working this way? Have you thought of working exclusively like this?

Working in a garment with the final user in mind, knowing its silhouette and preferences, its desires, is something we consider magical. It creates a link, a spiritual connection between the client and us creators that can’t be explained.

From our point of view, there’s nothing wrong in working with custom orders. We just don’t want to close the doors to developing our creativity creating collections that come from depths of our hearts.

What does Art mean to you? What part does it play in the creation of your pieces?

We are surrounded by Art, every little thing that makes us sigh means Art for us. Art plays a very important role in our creative process, starting from the smallest idea and even in the way we transmit it to the people we work with, making our garments come to life. We believe in the art of affective and effective communication, and we wish all of our garments –which we consider Art—transmits it.

How do you see the Fashion Industry in the near future? How much you believe fashion will change in the next 5 to 10 years? Or not at all?

Nowadays we are living a social awareness revolution that, if we are lucky enough, will make us value, appreciate and respect not only fashion but our environment too. More than ever.



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